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The future is today

Don't you feel that where you're currently working, needs a product or system or just inspiration from the near future...to enhance production, service or communication internally or externally?

I was fortunate to work with great influential and creative individuals and studio's located in various cities around the world over the years. Enhancing our work environments were always a goal.

This is how I got to grow as a digital designer/animator/director/speaker. Constantly learning the inner works of companies/departments/individuals, finding their needs and assisting them to build upon it to achieve goals through their ideas and initiatives. Allowing for new creativity through their stories with available technology. 

For more information about my career experience or past projects, get in touch today.


Nelson Mandela

"It always seem impossible until it´s done"


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“Fast, helpful, has a lot of knowledge on possibilities and how you can use them!"

Kirsten Buck Rustad

“Lively person. Observant, good and stable mood, solution-oriented, caretaker"

Henrik Moen


Thanks so much for reviewing my Creative Director Portfolio. For questions about my skills and experience, or even if you just want to say hi, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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Tromsø 1950 Virtual Reality

Experiencing the sights and sounds of this arctic city during the 1950´s

(click play, hold click with mouse to navigate)





Tromsø, Norway